For some bizarre and inexplicable reason that got lost in a convoluted chain of unlikely events I find that I am a PhD researcher.  I’m taking an eclectic and interdisciplinary approach to my research which leads me in all sorts of interesting directions; but my focus is on exploring the potential of art-based process to stimulate creativity and develop creative thinking skills in a leadership and organisational context.

I’m also looking at the potential of technology to facilitate creative process and am doing some research with a crazy experimental theatre company who run these amazing workshops where participants create collaborative stories and soundscapes and generate digital images and video which get projected onto the set in which the story is constructed and performed. There’ll be more on this in the blog.

Anyway, this space gives me somewhere to dump all my thoughts and snippets of research, and curated content from Scoop.it, and whatever else I feel like. It won’t be orderly, themed or for anyone other than me, so be advised – I’m not doing this to entertain anyone.


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